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My Little Black Book
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We believe that language is key to understanding and talking about societal issues, particularly in relation to being a person of colour. You need My Little Black Book to communicate well with your work colleagues, friends, and family. This is a book for businesses, organisations, and you!

This book is for everyone, people who are entering the workplace and finding their identity, and it’s also for people who manage teams, bombarded with ever evolving definitions, neat phrases that limit their meaning. This is a contemporary dictionary, a global lexicon, a word book that takes the best definition, includes words that reflect today’s world, it both corrects and provides solution. 

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"So often I hear leaders say they’re worried about contributing to discussions about D&I and race - they’re afraid to make a mistake. This little glossary is wonderful; it’s a gentle expression of how to define and learn to understand some aspects of the Black experience and the nature of structural racism and the barriers that hold people back. You created a great resource! Cultural Competence can be learned. Equity for All people."


Book 1: About

I-Cubed has produced a text that can help guide us through the vigorous linguistic gymnastics of racial politics, with a welcome level of cadence. The authors credibly define blackness, and matters related to blackness, in a manner that is accessible for all. Most importantly the Blacktionary is not solely restricted for use in Europe or North America but remains practical enough to be used globally in everyday and real-world contexts, ranging from educational settings, political corridors, and corporate boardrooms, on to informal daily engagements. This book will also complement black artistic expression and academic enquiry by providing a textured exposition of black oriented designations, in a simple and digestible form that will without doubt aid racial literacy.

Dr Kenny Monrose, Fellow of Wolfston College, University of Cambridge

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