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Imagine if the language of race was better understood, better articulated and uttered with confidence by everyone. My Little Black Book: A Blacktionary aims to do just that.

Through their work with organisations and companies across the world, Maggie Semple and Jane Oremosu found that there was a need to help people as they cautiously discussed difference and inclusion.

This book is for all of us. It's for people who are entering the workplace and finding their identity, for managers who feel bombarded with ever-evolving definitions and neat phrases, for everyone who is afraid of saying the wrong thing and being judged. This is a contemporary dictionary, a global lexicon that reflects today's world and breaks down barriers to engaging in conversations on race.

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Purchase a signed copy of My Little Black Book: A Blacktionary today.

Our pocket sized book has been lovingly signed by authors Maggie Semple and Jane Oremosu. Inside the book, you will receive two bookmarks. One is to help mark your journey through the book and the other is to gift to a friend to help keep the conversation going.

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"This was a really interesting and informative read! There were many terms and phrases I have never heard of that I was introduced to in this book.

One of the most useful parts of the books were the list of suggested actions under some of the entries which challenged me to think about and change my behaviour. It was really easy to dip in and out of the book. I would really recommend everyone to read this as you would definitely take something away from it."

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"This is a great book that I think maybe everyone should read at least once. It is important for people to actively educate themselves rather than relying on the minority groups to educate us and this book is full of information to make a great start."




"I love that this book exists; as someone keen to understand the issues of race in our society, it was very helpful to me to have an encyclopaedia of sorts to understand various terms/ideas.

If you're already aiming to be anti-racist, I think much of the book won't be news to you, but useful explainer instead. And if you've never considered whether you should be anti-racist, and what that means, this is the book for you."

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