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Transformational Change Programmes: Text
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The objective of transformational cultural change is to adapt norms and behaviours within the scope of an organisation’s core values and to bring these into alignment with a new strategy or direction.

I-Cubed has the expertise to equip management teams with the skills and knowledge to foster positive diverse and inclusive cultures. We deliver on key business goals not just through the intelligent use of data but also through shared lived experiences.

We do this by being:

EQUITY AND INCLUSION LENS FOCUSED: we have extensive experience of working in the publicand private sectors exploring issues to do with race in the workplace. Our lived experience enables us to explore challenging topics in an authentic way that is augmented with our knowledge of working in large organisations. 

SPECIALISTS: specialising in agility, inclusion, diversity and people, we ensure practices at the executive and the operational levels are aligned and share the capability and know-how to successfully deliver on business goals. 

DATA DRIVEN: our experience and consistent involvement in the first ever Black British Voices Survey (BBVP) conducted between May and November of 2021 means we are well informed to provide contemporary insights.

INFORMED BY THE LATEST THINKING: we combine industry best practice with leading research. Understanding, interpreting and then applying it in context, we adapt the latest proven know-how to the benefit of each of our engagements.

PEOPLE-CENTRIC: helping organisations adopt good practices around the governance of management practices.

INVOLVING STAKEHOLDERS: evolving current processes and practices, exploiting current knowledge capital and ensuring learning remains in the organisation beyond our engagement.

FLEXIBLE: recognising that one size does not fit all, we get inside the organisation’s DNA before interpreting tried and tested principles, and applying them appropriately. The result is a robust and repeatable framework that brings existing capabilities to life.

Transformational Change Programmes: About
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