Kit and Imoje draw on their experiences growing up as young black men in today’s world. They discuss examples of where their experiences have worked against them and situations where it has even been an advantage.



"My accent can make or break my success”

Kit is an Actor born and raised in London. He was born to Nigerian parents and grew up in Slough. Some of his professional highlights are: SHOWBOAT at the Crucible Theatre and West End, A Lead in MARK COLVINS KIDNEY at the Belvoir Theatre (Sydney), also voiced Block Buster movies such as Rocket Man. His work has put him in contact with big names such as Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg to name a few. Kit’s always been one to push the boundaries. Hungry and curious, he’s now excited for the direction he’s going in next.



“I code switch to put other people at ease”

Imoje is a Director/Editor based in London. Trained in screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing, Imoje has developed a multifaceted skillset that deeply informs his creative vision. Originally starting out in music videos, he’s gone on to write and direct a number of shorts and commercials and work on productions for the BBC, Channel 4, CNN, Google and Stylist Magazine. Imoje is obsessed with intense imagery and always strives to present authentic and meaningful stories.

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