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One to One Executive Coaching: Text
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“A good leader inspires others with confidence in the leader. A great leader inspires others with confidence in themselves” - Unknown

Coaching is an effective tool to transform strategy into reality through exceptional leadership development and performance. Many organisations are moving towards strong coaching cultures as they see the benefits of how coaching transforms behaviours. 

At I-Cubed we have a team of expert coaches, many of whom are Black and female with lived experiences, which adds to unique and insightful coaching sessions. We ensure the best match possible to enhance and fulfil the requirements of the coachee. It is a relationship built on trust and rapport that stimulates yet challenges, to achieve the desired goals and objectives. 

One-to-one executive coaching is a powerful way to help business leaders achieve their diversity, equity and inclusion goals as well as reach peak performance in other areas. Introspection and reflection results in positive behavioural change and new ways of thinking.   

We help leaders assess their individual strengths and weaknesses, challenge themselves and each other to improve and support their organisation’s vision and goals. We provide a safe and highly confidential environment while focussing on professional and interpersonal development needs. Emotional intelligence is a known key driver of performance and we work with leaders to develop and enhance this skill.

Our aims are to:

- Explore the use of language

- Explore the work lens persona

- Raise awareness of current thinking processes and paradigms

- Increase levels of empathy

- Develop new neural pathways

- Increase levels of motivation

- Improve leadership performance and abilities

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