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In organisations, onboarding is typically a clearly defined process with many touchpoints between a new employee and the organisation. This involves sharing the culture and mindset of the organisation and providing context to the new colleague to help them understand the specifics of the role. Onboarding also provides practical information, training and tools needed to get a job done. It’s also an important opportunity for the new joiner to ask questions and get to know their new team.

Inclusive onboarding takes onboarding to another level. An inclusive onboarding experience accommodates and supports ALL new employees, not just some of them. With inclusion at the forefront, each person is invited to feel seen during their onboarding experience. They receive the support they need to get settled and ultimately are able to contribute more fully.

I-Cubed develops innovative initiatives with organisations looking to create a universal experience of inclusion with new employees. 

Inclusive onboarding is an important part of building a diverse and inclusive company because it ensures all employees have a good start. It also helps build the brand externally as it shows the organisation is a welcoming place where employees feel safe to be their authentic selves.

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