All our Consultants are extremely well qualified and possess great integrity.
Meet a few that make up part of our incredible team.

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Carole has always enjoyed mentoring and coaching family members and friends, which in turn ended up becoming part of her professional role on a global basis. A people person who's empathetic, listens well and likes to help and empower people achieve their goals, either on an individual basis or collaboratively in a team.

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Pamela is one of our skilled specialists in the I-Cubed Group. She’s a people-person, who is passionate about her work and bringing out the best in you.  She embraces individual and group partnerships, as well as relishing in challenges that bring harmony and success to fruition.

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Anne believes that creating strong relationships is the cornerstone of successful individual, team and business results. She is empathetic and analytical in her work helping people to find practical answers to their professional and personal challenges, to achieve their aspirations and to thrive.

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Roxanne is a calm and dedicated team builder who believes that everyone has value in them. She thrives on delivering results that are progressive and allow participants to tap into their own genius. As well as being hardworking, she likes to ensure that the work environment is a pleasant place for all.

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Anne is enthusiastic and driven, consistently aspiring to learn and grow with the purpose to help improve the lives of others to achieve their goals. She is passionate about creating successful partnerships and watching them flourish.

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Nike is a challenging yet empathetic coach who builds relationships with ease. Her work is underpinned by her signature strengths: perspective, curiosity, love of learning, social intelligence, and leadership. She combines her experience, expertise, and strengths to enable people and organisations to fulfil their potential.

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