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An agile inclusion audit is a powerful means of discovering and generating evidence and data to shape a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy. It is a proactive way to solicit feedback and highlight any inclusion issues in an organisation. It also provides quantitative and qualitative information about perceptions, levels of satisfaction and specific experiences among employees regarding inclusivity at work. To be successful it must be driven from the top and have firm foundations.

Inclusion is the crucial connector that attracts diverse talent and fosters business growth. Without inclusion there is a lack of meaningful participation and a loss of innovation, which can lead to diverse staff becoming unhappy and leaving the organisation. Building an inclusive culture needs to be about lasting behaviour change.

As a trusted partner I-Cubed helps you understand the demographics and culture of your workforce to identify the specific factors to create the right environment. We provide the building blocks to shape your strategy and recommend initiatives to become more diverse and inclusive.

Our agile inclusion audits bring together data collection and analysis with staff consultation. They provide a holistic view of your organisation in terms of diversity, equality, equity and inclusion, allowing the creation of honed strategies that deliver targeted benefits to your organisation and workforce

Our goal is three fold:

- To help craft better strategies and business decisions, enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion 

  as well as business performance.

- To unleash and increase creativity within your/the workforce, spurring innovation.

- To help create an inclusive and equal working environment, improving staff retention and helping 

  attract the best staff, regardless of background. 

Agile Inclusion Audit: About
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